Re-create 68 Alliance: ‘Whatever happens happens’

from Rocky Mountain news:

13TH AND CHEROKEE – The Re-create 68 Alliance said it is may file a lawsuit against the city in response to the arrests of protesters Monday evening.

“The arrests were illegal and violated people’s right to free speech,” said spokesperson Glenn Spagnuolo, projecting into a megaphone and standing in front of the Denver Police Department for a press conference at 3:15 p.m.

The protest group also plans to take a stronger stance against the police.

“Whatever happens happens,” Spagnuolo said.

“We’re sticking to our commitment to non-violence, but a lot of situations we have avoided over the last two days, we’re not going to.”

A lawyer from the People’s Law Project also spoke during the press conference and said the organization received hundreds of calls Monday evening for the people who were “arrested in an arbitrary manner.”

About 10 police officers stood in front of the building and formed a backdrop for the press conference, where members of the media swarmed the speakers and probed the protesters for future plans.
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