Iraq Vets Confront Democrats in Denver

from Uprising Radio:

Iraq Vets Confront Democrats in Denver

Published on 28 Aug 2008, 10:03 amNo Comments
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IVAWOn day 3 of the Denver DNC, former president Bill Clinton addressed delegates, Barack Obama’s running mate Joe Biden accepted the Vice Presidential nomination, and Obama himself made a surprise appearance. Meanwhile, outside the convention hall Rage Against the Machine played to a crowd of thousands, followed by the largest demonstration of the week, an antiwar march led by Iraq Veterans Against the War. IVAW members demanded to meet with the Obama campaign and deliver a letter containing their demands to end the war and support veterans. They were met by a hundred Denver police clad in riot gear and armed with batons and tear gas. Eventually one IVAW member was allowed to cross the police line to meet with a representative of the Obama campaign. Major US news media chose to completely ignore this dramatic story.

GUEST: Aura Bogado, Anchor for Free Speech Radio News, who is covering both conventions for Pacifica Radio – she’s also blogging from inside and outside the conventions at

Photograph by Aura Bogado, exclusive to Uprising


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