More police raids on Saturday morning – same warrants used as last night

from Twin Cities Indymedia:

UPDATE 9:15 AM: From the WC: Three house raids occurring: 2301 23rd Ave. S., 3500 Harriet Avenue, 3240 17th Ave. S. Lawyers and legal observers at each scene.

UPDATE 8:52 AM: 3500 Harriet Avenue MPLS has just been raided by police according to a reliable source.

We are receiving credible reports (just confirmed again) that a house helping with food (Food Not Bombs) has been raided by the police, and possibly another house as well. NLG attorneys are on the way to these houses, and we have heard that the police are using the same search warrants as they did last night.

There will be a press conference @ Harriet Island at 10 A.M. by the flagpole. We have received a report that anti-police brutality activists had their garage broken into:

Last night, CUAPB president Michelle Gross and CUABP vice president Darryl Robinson were among many people detained during the convergence space raid. Upon returning home after the raid, they found their garage and Darryl’s car had been broken into. Nothing of value was taken but boxes of documents were clearly opened and gone through and many items were moved around. The activists believe strongly this invasion of their privacy is a direct result of their work and that it was probable that it occurred while they were at the convergence space. Despite this action and their detention at the convergence space, both activists remain committed to continuing their work through Communities United Against Police Brutality, including copwatch at events throughout the RNC.

We have also heard that the convergence space raid was carried out by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office, not the St. Paul police, and local City Council member Dave Thune was on the scene. Reportedly Thune said that the county had no authority to try to shut down the convergence center on the basis of a fire code violation.

Fresh video from the streets: Submedia Video has put together a new video – 7 minutes.


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