I strongly encourage all to go to the blog for videos of the criminal actions of the Denver Police Department during the Democratic National Convention. The videos aren’t just those of the peace movement. There are many from sources of mainstream press as well as independent media that isn’t local.

After watching the videos it is obviously clear the only violence being initiated is by the police. Time after time there is video evidence of activists being peaceful, calling out for non-violence and actually holding their hands in the air to show there were no rocks or projectiles being thrown.

The “arrest” of Carlo Garcia, a young activist confronting gay bashing homophobes from the neocon religious right, was a mugging by goons in blue just as the attack on Alicia Forrest, Code Pink member who came to the defense of Carlo, was a mugging. In video of the Monday (Aug 25th) assault near Civic Center Park by police there are five cops brutally attacking a young, thinly built protester with clubs.  full post here


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