How to stay informed on the RNC police raids


Is it just me or is there a lack of mainstream media coverage of the controversial RNC police raids? Activist groups gathering in Minneapolis and St. Paul have been targets of preemptive attacks in a effort to suppress potential protests, rallies and marches at this years Republican National Convention. At the forefront of these raids is Sheriff Bob Fletcher, a former Republican city council member. According to many first hand accounts, armored police raided homes and designated gathering spots in full gear, bearing machine guns and bullet proof vests.

The best part is that in many cases the police have refused to produce any search or arrest warrants when initially requested by the detainees, only providing any type of documented permission at the end of the raid. According to past issued search warrants, officials were in search for incendiary and other threatening items. However, no official verification of a discovery of these items has been provided.

Sounds like the government is attempting to cap off the voices of these so called “anarchist” groups. However, what these actions are essentially doing is breaking the concept of democracy and walking the fine line of our freedom of speech. Independent journalists covering these stories have also been targeted and detained. Maybe RoneBreak headquarters will be raided next, but as a forewarning to Sheriff Bob Fletcher, you won’t find much besides an apartment decorated with West Elm furniture, obscure art pieces, computers, a piano, guitars and an overflowing trash can.

Anderson Cooper, where are you when you’re needed the most???

Due to the lack of major news media coverage, here’s a list of the best online destinations to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news surrounding the RNC police raids:


Twin Cities

The Minnesota

Twin Cities Daily




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