Police at Republican National Convention: links

from Seeing the Forest:

Police at Republican National Convention: links

The police at the Republican Convention have been beefed up with federal money, and they’ve already made preemptive arrests of protest leaders. I have no special sources or independent information, but I’ve gathered some links so I can keep on top of what’s happening, and I thought I’d share them.

Ramsey County Sheriff Fletcher seems to be the local heavy. Fletcher is under investigation himself for corruption, and it’s quite possible that he’s now cooperating with Federal law enforcement in order to set up a plea bargain. Federal law enforcement is definitely involved. (Ramsey county includes St. Paul, but city police would normally handle this kind of thing and if I am correct, Fletcher was not called in by the city. In many American cities the police are almost autonomous, and not really under the control of civilian officials, and that may be the case at the moment).

I don’t have a link, but I read somewhere that informants are only paid if there are actual arrests, so the potential for provocation is very high.

Glen Greenwald and Firedoglake have been following this closely.

DNC – RNC – Troops Out Now (an activist group).

Legal Team.

Legal team’s twitter update.

Minnesota Indymedia.

Minnesota Blue (a liberal Democratic site).

Minneapolis Star Tribune Convention page.

Google Blogsearch: “Republican + convention + arrests”.

Googlenews search: “Republican + convention + arrests”.

Send more links and information if you have them.


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