Two Of Today’s Nine Arrestees Released As NLG Attempting To Have Judge Rule On Probable Cause For The 6 Arrested Yesterday

from firedoglake:

Bruce Nester from The National Lawyers Guild says that the NLG is attempting to have Judge Joanna Smith rule on whether the police had probable cause when arresting the 6 folks charged yesterday with “conspiracy to riot”. If she rules there wasn’t, then they will have to be released. If she rules there was probable cause, NLG will ask her to set conditions for their release.

According to Carrie at Coldsnap Legal Collective, the nine people arrested today were from a Veterans Against War march, and were charged with misdemeanor tresspassing for attempting to bypass a fence. One was a nun, one was in a wheelchair. Two have been released, seven are still being held. (Update: According to Tom Walsh of the Joint Information Center all 9 are now free, the two were only cited, apparently.  They were inside the RNC  perimeter, which is not allowed.)

So far 15 people have been arrested, and 2 released. Most people, instead of being arrested are being hassled, including being kept handcuffed while officers search the area, sometimes for hours. Computers, cell phones, cameras and a bus have been confiscated.


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