Where is Reasonable Cause and Evidence for RNC Raids? UPDATED

from MN Blue:

So far at least 6 homes and one bus have been raided in Minneapolis and St Paul, with search warrants that look for items like cardboard, bricks, feces, urine, electronic equipment and odd&ends that we are guessing means bomb components. I covered one particular site, 2301 23rd Av Minneapolis. The resident collects and sells scrap metal and was gathering food to provide for people at the peace parade, “Food not Bombs”. Ten people were crashing there. It was a no-knock raid at 8:30 am, people had lie on the floor in plastic handcuffs.

Then everyone was released except one person who was taken in on some conspiracy charge. A child was there. People were then sent to the sidewalk with no money, no keys, no id, no food, no water and sometimes no shoes. It had been hours when I left and the house was still not released. Very little that I could see that was taken and it was wrapped so we could not see what it was. Some covered buckets came out. Some people were guessing is that someone emptied the toilets, because the search warrant required it.  read full article


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