Cops run amok in Minneapolis

from MCM:

Cops run amok in Minneapolis

Amy Goodman is just one of many who have been arrested.

Meanwhile, Chris Matthews is inside the hall, jabbering about “the game.”


From Munich420:

A post on the Minnesota Independent has a link to ColdSnapLegal’s invaluable twitter, which shows a detailed breakdown of prior incidents involving police and protesters that have been happening throughout the day. The twitter shows a report of Democracy Now! journalists being arrested and includes Amy Goodman.

Except from the here:

Journalists and medics along with protesters are being pepper sprayed and gassed as riot police show no respect for Americans’ constitutional right to practice civic freedom.

Rubber bullets are being used on protesters.

Squad cars are driving into crowds and dispersing them.

Ramsey City Jail is on lockdown refusing arrestees or detainees access to lawyers and St. Joseph Hospital is on lockdown denying arrestees or detainees water.

Members of I-Witness Video, a group that, according to their website, “uses video to protect civil liberties” and “probe police actions at First Amendment events” have been victim of “preemptive video arrest.”

A comment on a DailyKos post titled, “UPDATE: Rubber Bullets, Water Cannons, Pepper Spray, Tear Gas in St. Paul,” explains how I-Witness is being put under house arrest and facing threats of seizure of their computers and video cameras because of their success in exposing police misconduct during the 2004 Republican National Convention.


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