Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman arrested at RNC protest

from the loophole:

Posted at 6:39 PM on September 1, 2008 by Sanden Totten (0 Comments)

Hours after the main march ended, spurts of protest were still popping up throughout the city of St. Paul. Groups of dissenters made their way around downtown, often followed by cops . . . and of course the media.

One crew in the midst of it was the group from the show Democracy Now! Details are still sketchy, but it’s been confirmed that the crew, along with the show’s politically outspoken host, Amy Goodman, have been detained. The stated reason seems to be the recent police favorite “probable cause for riot.”

Was the 51 year old host really about to start smashing the state? Or was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Who knows. You can hear the tape of her arrest here (language advisory! bad words). It’s hard to tell what she did, but the crowd freaks out when it happens:

“They’re arresting Amy Goodman?” “What are you guys doing!?! You can’t arrest Amy Goodman!” “Let her go!” “We love you Amy!”

Of course, as we found out earlier this weekend, Amy Goodman isn’t afraid to get in the thick of things . . . even when her right to do so may be questionable. Check out this video of her from the Uptake. Not a bad hop. Has she considered a go at the US Olympic track and field team?


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