We will not be intimidated: An Urgent Call for Bail Funds

from Indymedia:

We are calling on all to support the nearly 300 brave comrades arrested during the anti-RNC protests. The State could not stop our passion or resistance on the streets nor silence our message that another world is truly possible so they have twisted their own system to punish the our brothers and sisters they have detained. They are using excessive bail to try to intimidate all of us or anyone else who may think to voice their opposition. So far nearly everyone is getting bail despite the charges and the illegality of the arrests. The state has used raids, tear gas, nation guardsmen and other forms of harassment but our friends in Minnesota have resisted their attempts. Now they need our help. We need to raise bail to thwart this blatant attempt to criminalize our dissent. Bail has been required even for minor charges.

Please use RNC legal’s paypal at: www.coldsnaplegal.org and donate what you can.
Together we can stop them and free our friends.

–Supporters of the RNC Welcoming Committee 9/3/2008


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