Protesters plan St. Paul anti-war march to end GOP convention protests the way they began

September 4, 2008

ST. PAUL, Minn. – As John McCain accepts his party’s presidential nomination Thursday night, protesters calling for an end to the Iraq war plan to march outside the Xcel Energy Center.

The Anti-War Committee, which is organizing Thursday’s march, urged others to join in and denounced the increased presence of police in riot gear and acts of “intimidation” in the streets of St. Paul.

Tracy Molm, a member of Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Minnesota, urged students to get involved.

“Students in this country are angry. We’re angry because it’s us that are asked to fight and die in this immoral and unjust war,” Molm said Wednesday. “Bring that anger to the streets, because that is how social change in this country happens.”

Police arrested 102 protesters in downtown Minneapolis early Thursday following a concert by the political rock group Rage Against the Machine, according to the Joint Information Center. Of those arrests, 100 were for misdemeanors and two were for gross misdemeanors. Eighty-seven of those arrested were tagged and released; 15 were booked.

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