Standoff on John Ireland Bridge ends (we’ll be back…)

from the Star Tribune:

Eric Thayer, Getty Images

A woman is taken into custody by police as activists take part in a rally at the State Capitol on Thursday afternoon.

Last update: September 4, 2008 – 6:29 PM

Dozens of police officers in riot gear and on horseback blocked about 500 people who had gathered for an anti-war protest on the final day of the Republican National Convention from crossing the John Ireland Boulevard bridge over I-94.

Leaders of the protest ended the standoff at 6 p.m., telling their group that they would take a different route to the Xcel Energy Center. The standoff lasted about an hour.

The group earlier rallied at the State Capitol, and started marching after their permit expired at 5 p.m. They attempted to make their way toward the Xcel, where delegates were arriving to hear John McCain’s acceptance speech.

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