WANTED: For criminal assault and violation of civil liberties

Assistant Police Chief Matt Bostrom

This is the police officer who is in charge of security for the RNC, and is one of the people responsible for the illegal raids, assaults, and arrests of peaceful protesters in St. Paul.

In addition to his violent attacks on protesters, Asst. Chief Bostrom is also a liar – see this story from 2007 when he promised that there would be no no police officers infiltrating protest organizations, and that Police will be in uniform, not riot gear. He said, “The city of St. Paul is a free-speech zone. I say that proudly. I was disappointed when I saw what Boston did (in handling protesters at the 2004 Democratic Convention). I don’t understand this idea of putting people in a pen someplace so they can express themselves. That’s not the way we will do things.”

Sign the petition: Tell John McCain, the RNC, Asst. Chief Bostrom, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Police

STOP the Illegal Raids!

STOP violence against protesters!

Release All Arrestees and Drop the Charges!



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