Code Pink says: “Women say no to war. Palin is not a woman’s choice. Women need a peace vice president.”

September 4, 2008

from Feministing:

Yesterday afternoon, a Republican friend of CODEPINK bequeathed upon Jodie Evans one ticket to Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention. This small act of generosity and support for the group’s message — come on, if you invite CODEPINK somewhere they will eventually be escorted out — has inserted some sanity into the discussion of the McCain Palin ticket. “Sarah Palin is not a woman’s choice,” the phrase, is still echoing around the Xcel Center, the CNN Newsroom, the streets of St. Paul, and the breakfast tables of America.

Evans “dressed up” last night — temporarily covered up her pink outfit with black, put her trademark red hair in a bun on the top of her head, and went off to the event accompanied by another cofounder of the group, Medea Benjamin. (The day before, Benjamin had interrupted Phyllis Schafly appearance at a pro-life event hilariously called Life of the Party, and the mid-50s albeit not terribly tall blonde woman was referred to as “young,” by the press.) The two entered the hall shortly before Palin’s speech began, stripped off their outer layers, and revealed their message:

Women say no to war. Palin is not a woman’s choice. Women need a peace vice president.

Palin — beautiful, composed, mother of five — was momentarily distracted from her speech, which veiled her promise to turn the blind support of women voters into continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, heightened aggression with Pakistan and Iran, general support for the NRA, and a continued stripping away of our ever-dwindling reproductive rights. She presents a violent vision for our future, that will affect our lives on an international, national, and very individual, scope. Delivered in a pretty, palatable package.

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