More arrests!

September 5, 2008

from Pacifica Radio:

Getting word from Aura Bogado and also the Flashpoints team that there are mass arrests going on now in the streets and on the bridges while McCain speaks. Inside the arena, protests also happened, probably Code Pink. Got that from Davey D who is on the floor with the crowd. Inside protesters were dragged out and booed. Stay tuned — we’ll go to Aura as soon as possible. Checked in with our crew on the streets, so far they are all OK. Whew. I asked the Sheriff outside what he knew, but he was real sketchy. Nonetheless he told me they have multiple holding facilities. More as it goes. Give a cheer to our intrepid reporters.


Update from Marion Street Bridge

September 5, 2008

3 empty police busses heading towards detainments on marion 94 bridge – mass arrest appears likely.

source: Twin Cities Indymedia

Update from Indymedia on mass arrests

September 5, 2008

100+ people on marion bridge detained, plastic handcuffed face down

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Audio Coverage of the events in st paul this week.

September 4, 2008

Police use chemical weapons at RNC

September 3, 2008

from Press TV:

St. Paul police have used tear gas, pepper spray and flash grenades against protestors on the second day of the Republican National Convention.

Several loud bangs heard outside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, on Tuesday morning were revealed by security officials to be police setting off ‘chemical munitions’ to disperse a crowd.

Commander Doug Holtz of the Joint Information Center in St. Paul, a coalition of secret service and law enforcement officials, told ABC that police had used ‘distraction devices’ which he said included tear gas and ‘flashbangs’ which produce intense light and a deafening bang.

Police also used pepper spray and made three arrests during a protest of about 2,000 people to highlight poverty and homelessness.

The march, which was organized by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, was shadowed by hundreds of law enforcement officers in riot gear and on horseback.

On Monday, St. Paul police arrested nearly 300 people including AP photographer Matt Rourke and Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman along with two of her producers.

Goodman was arrested as she asked police in riot gear about the status of producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar. Footage of her arrest, seemingly only for inquiring about her colleagues, was the number one viewed Youtube video on Tuesday.

Gena Berglund of the National Lawyers Guild said the police action was ‘completely out of proportion’.


Troops Out Now Coalition at the RNC protests

September 2, 2008
Bush = McCain, Katrina = Gustav, Criminal Neglect Continues

Troops Out Now Coalition Banner: Bush-McCain, Katrina-Gustav, Criminal Neglect Continues

Foreclose the War - Not people's homes

Foreclose the War - Not people's homes

Troops Out Now Coalition table at RNC protest

Troops Out Now Coalition table at RNC protest

Thousands expected today for protest

September 1, 2008

September 1, 2008

Despite the big-name cancellations and the preconvention police raids, organizers expect thousands of anti-war demonstrators to march this afternoon from the State Capitol to the site of the Republican National Convention.

They say their passion will not be dampened now that President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are skipping their convention speeches because of Hurricane Gustav. If anything, they say, the storm enhances their message that investing in human needs must outweigh waging an expensive war.

But the protesters are also concerned that aggressive police tactics could cull their numbers, which they estimate could reach 50,000 today.

“Even if the two main actors in the U.S. war in Iraq won’t be there, that will not deter people from sending a loud message to the Republican Party and the country that we need to use our resources on human needs and saving people at home, not killing them abroad,” said Meredith Aby, a Minneapolis organizer working with a coalition of 130 anti-war groups, labor unions and community organizations to plan today’s march.

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